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100% PURE Social Media

Concepting  -  Design  -  Photography  -  Styling  -  Retouching   -  Management

Working within 100% PURE's marketing team, I was the Art Director and Social Media Manager
of 100% PURE's Social Media Platforms. I worked as a one-stop-shop creating social content, posting content, creating and maintaining social media posting calendar, social media copywriting, creating process documents and best practices procedures, brand collaborations through organic posting and joint giveaways as well as replying to all fan questions and comments through direct message and daily posts. I was responsible for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. 

Social Media Management

Process Documents  -  Posting Schedules  -  LIVE Streaming  -  Exclusive Social Offers  -  Metrics Reporting

I took over social media at 100% PURE when it was not considered a source of revenue. Working with IT members, we implemented a shop-able and tag-able "Community Looks" gallery on the e-commerce site as well as adding a multi-image carousel on each product page. These new additions to the e-commerce site supported the customers' purchasing decision as well as additional product information proven through our GA analytic tracking data.  

I concepted and produced the 100% PURE weekly LIVE streaming sessions with co-founder, Susie Wang, to add to our social media outreach. This one hour, weekly session gave our fans direct access to the creator of 100% PURE products as well as demonstrations and candid Q+A's. After establishing a robust viewing audience, we added in LIVE exclusive gifts with purchase via unique coupon codes to reward fans for tuning in every week, which has become another revenue stream.

After taking over all social media platforms, I was able to invigorate Instagram and Facebook resulting in doubled growth year or over, without any fake, robot or pay to follow vanity numbers. Social media now accounts for over 20%+ of 100% PURE's yearly revenue, and I often exceeded my monthly revenue goals by 100-300%. I believe in honest follower growth.

Social Media Brand Collaborations

Simply Gum  -  Amour Vert  -  GTS Kombucha  -  Coyuchi  -  Votch   -  Gunas   -  Maniwala

I worked as a one-stop-shop planning collaborative social giveaways to expand our brand reach as well as grow our follower base. 100% PURE and many like-minded brands worked together to positively impact the lives of our fans by treating them to healthy inspired gifts. We created winner bundles that will continually excite, inspire and educate new and current fans during our many multi-brand sweepstakes giveaways. 

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