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Concepting  -  Design  -  Photography  -  Styling  - Writing

Working within 100% PURE's marketing team, I was a key contributor to the blog. I was a content creator, blog photographer and designer. I worked with the technology team to optimize content (SEO), as well as the marketing manager and blog editor to create engaging and informative stories. I was responsible for concepting, writing, photography and retouching for all blog posts, and design. I generated 51% of the total blog revenue in 2017 (out of five other contributing content writers) as well as writing 7 of the Top 10 revenue producing blog stories of 2017.

Google Featured Placement

Search "Best Natural Foundation"

I saw a huge hole in foundation education on 100% PURE's website. It was difficult for customers to choose their correct shade as well as their preferred foundation formula. 100% PURE had no swatches or central hub for foundation education. Return rates for foundation were extremely high because there was no understanding the differences between 8 different natural foundation formulas or guidance on how to choose your correct shade. This was the most popular and highest grossing blog post of 2017 and continues to be the top blog of all time on 100% PURE

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