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Style I Do! Rue La La Wedding Boutiques

Concepting  -  Art Director  -  Retouching  -  Prop Maker

Style I Do! is a bi-annual wedding boutique on Rue La La. Working with the in-house photographer, fashion stylist and makeup artist we were able to create two different concepts for the year. I was the art director, designer, retoucher and prop stylist creator for both shoots. 

Rue La La Today's Fix

Art Director

Today's Fix is an even more hyped up and uber discounted deal on Rue La La. Today's Fix specials only last a mere 24 hours. I was the art director for this program and was responsible for creating eye catching layouts to entice shoppers to feed their shopping impulses.

Daily Boutique Editorial Templates

Graphic Designer  -  Typography

Rue La La has many, many daily boutiques. To streamline the design process, I was chosen to create typography lockups within Rue La La's brand guidelines for fifteen of our most common boutiques for other designers to pull from.

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