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Concepting  -  Logo Design  -  Web Design  -  UX Design  -  Food Photography

Ocean2Table is a CSF based in Santa Cruz, California. They operate a community supported fishery. It is a new business model that has spun off of community supported agriculture. Availability is determined by what is being harvested during that season and encourages a healthy connection between you and the food you eat. This system creates fresher ingredients and better health outcomes for our bodies, our society, and our planet.

Ocean2Table E-Commerce

Website Re-Design

Working with Chris Tran as the front/back end and myself behind design, we set out to completely overhaul their e-commerce website. The founders of Ocean2Table had two important goals for the website redesign. The first (and most important) was updating their shopping platform and customer checkout experience. We upgraded O2T to a customized Shopify account, with additional support from Loyalty Lion, in order to work within their unique CSF shopping needs. The second (and just as important) was to simply and modernize their UX design. Information was hard to read, cluttered, scattered and overall a dark, brooding vibe. We wanted to connect visitors to the fishermen of Santa Cruz County and be eager to explore fish species information and delicious recipes. 

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