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The exceptional tea experience.

Sr Graphic Designer

2007 - 2010


  • Graphic Design

  • Package Design

  • Dieline Creation

  • Surface Design

  • Collection Presentation

  • Catalog Design

  • Content Creation + Management

  • Photography

  • Photo Retouching

  • Prop Styling


Photography, Styling + Retouching 

I was able to shoot many collections that were featured across the website, emails, print catalogs, on-premise menus, and tradeshow graphics. I was incredibly lucky to have an image I shot featured in Time magazine.


Product + Packaging Design

Working alongside the founder, I was able to work on many seasonal and co-branded collections and exclusive designs for Crate&Barrel, Origins, and Chapter Indigo. I was honored to have a piece named after me; KATI cup.

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 4.26.55 PM.png

Catalog Design

Working with a copywriter, we would concept and produce a bi-annual catalog for wholesalers and on-premise locations to showcase our seasonal products.

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