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The Glossy - Sephora's Digital Magazine

Design  -  Photography  -  Styling  -  Retouching

In addition to Sephora's social media platforms, I created exclusive content and photography for Sephora's digital magazine: The Glossy. Each week, we would publish several in-depth, insider knowledge on exciting brands, newly launched products and brand founders. 

Sephora Social Media

Concepting  -  Design  -  Photography  -  Styling  -  Retouching

Working within Sephora's digital marketing team, I was the Art Director of Sephora's social media platforms from 2013 - 2014. I worked closely with the Senior Social Media Copywriter while managing a junior designer, to concept daily social posts as well as support major marketing campaigns through social media posts, blog content, user generated content curation and giveaways. Content was created for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, BeautyTalk, The Glossy and Vine.

Coachella 2014 Festival Coverage

Concepting  -  Design  -  Photography  -  Styling  -  Trend Reporting

The Senior Copywriter, Kelly Hoffman, and I were sent to the first weekend of Coachella in 2014 in Palm Springs to cover the music festival on behalf of Sephora Collection. We were granted VIP access to mingle backstage, as well as the VIP and Sephora Collection tents, to capture content and report on festival trends. The social media analytic manager directly connected an 80% up-tick in growth (vs. regular weekend growth) on all our social platforms due to the coverage and content pushed over the Coachella weekends. Several Instagram and Facebook posts were created, in addition to wrap-up content for the Glossy digital magazine.

Sephora Facebook Fan Fridays

Design  -  Photography  -  Styling  -  Retouching

Fan Fridays on Sephora's Facebook were an exclusive reward for being a fan of their page. Each week, unique photography and copy was written for mini or sample sized gifts from various skincare and cosmetic brands. People who landed on the page had to "LIKE" the Facebook page in order to unlock the special promotion.