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Art Director

2010 - 2012


  • Content Creation

  • Graphic design

  • Prop Styling + Retouching

  • Website + Email Marketing

  • Print Marketing

  • Event Marketing

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Style I Do! Wedding Boutiques

Concepted bi-annual wedding boutiques with in-house photographer, fashion stylist, and makeup artist. Along with art direction, retouching, I created backgrounds, and bouquets.


Today's Fix

Was the art director for special 24-hour only boutiques. Created eye-catching layouts to entice shoppers to feed their shopping impulses.


Rue La La Truck

I designed the truck wrap that showed up for special events. The Rue La La truck would show up to NYFW to hand out promotional swag.


Daily Editorial Templates

With so many daily boutiques I was chosen to streamline and design the boutique production with preset typographic lockups for other designers to use.


Rue Local

Rue dipped their toes in elevated local deals and I was the designer who chose select stock photography for editorial posters to capture the essence of the 8 major cities we launched in.

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